Friday, December 13, 2013

There is a serious spoon drum circle in my living room

Merry December, folks!

Although I may be dreaming of warmer weather and beaches, there are certain advantages to living in New England at Christmas time.

People out here love Christmas. And it's gorgeous in the snow. It may get dark early, but that gives you a better opportunity to marvel at your neighbors' fancy lights and decorations...not to mention that tree in the living room.

Ah yes, the tree. Despite the 17 month old chaos dispenser, we decided to brave the arctic tundra know...that farm stand on the corner in search of our festive little gem. Decked it out in lights, mardi gras beads, and a battle axe wielding monkey up top. Because I am a sophisticated adult.

Little man has only mostly destroyed the bottom, and man do I love that smell. I am very late to the thankful party, but here are a few of my favorite (seasonal) things this year...

(1) Daddy-baby dance party time in front of the Christmas tree.

(2) The Mr. reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas in French to the cat...Henry wasn't interested.

(3) Office gingerbread house contest that yield quotes like "I got the sharks" and "I ate the first fire pit."

(4) Finally giving in to my desire to order truly absurd drinks at Starbucks...bring me my double short decaf soy gingerbread latte please.

(5) Boston in lights.

(6) Full family couch party time...including a cat that becomes drastically more friendly when is cold outside.

(7) Wrapping gifts for family near and far.

(8) Watching complete strangers become just a little bit softer, gentler and more humane.

(9) Building family memories of the mundane, like Henry excitedly grabbing a ribbon that I had attached Christmas cards to and swinging it from side to side with all his might.

(10) Hey, it's almost Christmas!

Happy holidays, and may your real or digital Yule logs glow.